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KTM FMF Super Mini Pipe Combo 105/112 2002-2017

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After extensive testing Nihilo and FMF have teamed up to produce a KTM 105SX exhaust system that has been matched to our modified Super Minis. In the past the only pipes available for the KTM 105 have been 85/105 combo pipes. This new pipe is custom designed for a modified KTM 105/112. Super Minis and builds tons of low to mid torque while at the same time allowing the motor to rev to the moon. This pipe is specially designed for the 105 to increase low to mid-range torque. Excellent addition to a modified motor. "works great the boy love the low end power and he said he can feel the difference. i can hear the difference sounds like a monster....overall very much worth the money!" Same pipe used by top KTM supermini riders all over the country: Jordan Bailey, Brock Papi, Challen Tennant, Enzo Lopes, Mitchell Falk, Ciaran Naran, Conner Mullenix, and Parker Mashburn.

Comes complete with custom factory pipe and special shorty silencer. Made specifically for KTM 105SX. Improved throttle response and enhanced torque. Only available in a factory finish. Fits: 07-16 KTM 105SX or 85 w/105 cylinder Propriety design exclusively sold only through Nihilo.


  • 2002-2017 KTM 105
  • 2014-2017 Husqvarna 105