KTM/Husqvarna 50 Heavy Duty Kickstarter Return Spring 2009-2020


Over the years Nihilo Concepts has gained a reputation for making the best aftermarket springs in the industry. From clutch springs to valve springs since 1999 we have been improving the performance and durability of all kinds of OEM springs.

The KTM/Husqvara 50 has been known for having a less than perfect kick starter return spring on the 2009-2019 models. It may be okay for the rider to kick but when Dad stomps on it with his size 12 eventually it will weaken and break or eventually lose its integrity.

Nihilo Concepts has completely redesigned the Kick return spring for the KTM/Husqvarna 50 while keeping it legal for the stock class, we started with larger diameter military grade stainless steel spring wire and wound it to exacting tolerances. The larger wire size gives the torsion spring better return capabilities and resistance to wear and breakage. After hundreds of hours of real world testing the results are in and every dad loved the new spring, not only did it return the kicker smoother and more constantly but it will not break like the stock springs have been known to do. Nihilo is so confident in the quality of our new kicker return spring that we guarantee it from breaking for as long as you own the motorcycle. Just provide a copy of your receipt along with the broken spring and we will send you a new one at no charge but we don’t think we will need to send any replacement springs out because they are that good.

Upgrade your KTM/Husqvarna 50 with the new Nihilo Kick Starter Return Spring.


  • 2009-2020 KTM 50 SX / Husqvarna TC 50

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