KTM/Husqvarna 65 Billet Clutch Cover 2009-2020


Nihilo Concepts has worked for years with WMR Competition Performance to develop innovative products for the KTM 65 and one component that needed an upgrade was the clutch cover. KTM’s have a hydraulic system that activates the clutch. This system develops extreme pressures that can flex the stock cover and take some of the feel out of the clutch. Here at Nihilo we knew we had to design a cover that was light and strong while at the same time would eliminate any flex making clutch activation and feel more consistent. By incorporating a trussed bracing system inside the cover we were able to improve strength and eliminate any flex while at the same time increasing oil capacity and improving oil temps and lubrication.
A special light durable plastic compound was used to create the slave cylinder protector which bolts on making replacement of a damaged or scratched protector easy. The orange anodized finish combined with the black slave cylinder protector will give your KTM 65 the full factory look and function.


  • 2009-2020 KTM 65 SX
  • Actual anodized color may vary from image

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