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Limited Edition - Summer Grip Tape

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$22.99 - $22.99
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The weather is warming, and the eagles are flying! It is time for smiles to be had, whether you are headed to the track or spending a day at the beach. Catch some waves, or some air, enjoy some refreshing fruit and don't forget to enjoy a smile along the way. Grab some of our Limited Edition Summer 22 Grip Tape. We also have custom summer grip donuts to match well. See them here!

Eagle, Smiley Faces, Waves, and some of your favorite fruit to sweeten up your dirtbike this month!

*Please specify which make and model your bike is in the notes sections during checkout. Only made for current models that we offer in our grip tape section. 

(*Designs and positioning may be slightly different based on your bike.)

 Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape is a must-have for the serious racer. Not only does the durable friction tape stick to the frame like no other but it’s traction tape finish also helps the rider grip the bike in the perfect riding style. It’s easy to install because the flexible material conforms the shape of the frame and will not buckle or crease.