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Mikuni Jet Box

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Once again Nihilo Concepts has created a product that will make you a better mechanic and keep you organized. 

Since the early days of motocross the engineers at Nihilo have been looking for the best way to store and manage carburetor jets. Most people keep them in an old pill bottle or worn out envelope in the bottom of their tool box. Jets are small and delicate and can become destroyed very easily if not handled correctly. Until now there has not been a good way to store and organize your jets. Because proper jetting is the key to keeping your bike running at its best, jets needed to be organized in a safe and secure manner.

Nihilo Concepts has come up with an innovative way to store and protect your jets keeping them right at your finger tips for easy access.

The Nihilo Jet Box comes in three different styles to fit the most popular brands such as KTM, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda. There is one for the Keihin 21 series pilot jets and hex head main jets (CR Prefix). One for the Mikuni RD VM22/210 series Pilot jets and all VM, TM, TMS and TMX carburetors and one for the very popular Dellorto mini bike PHBG carburetors. The Jet Box is designed to hold main jets on one end and pilot Jets on the other in pre tapped holes. The pilot jets are counter sunk so they fit flush and are kept away from dirt damage and the main jet compartment has protective tabs that keep them out of harm’s way.

On the top side we have created a see through sliding door compartment for all your needles, clips and other small items. (PLEASE NOTE THE NEEDLE SLOT LENGTH IS 2.200")The bottom is equipped with two strong magnets that allow you to stick the entire set up to the lid of your tool box or anyplace you want. Never before has there been such an innovative way to organize jets is such a compact and efficient package.

Don’t be left digging through the tray of your tool box for the right jets, step up your game with the Nihilo Jet Box.

Check out the video showing the Jet box in action.

Assorted jet packages are also available seperatly allowing you to load your jet box with every size you will ever need.


  • Mikuni RD VM22/210 series Pilot jets and all VM, TM, TMS and TMX carburetors
  • KTM 65 SX /Husqvarna TC 65