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Yamaha YZ 85 Oversized Front Brake Rotor Kit 2002 - 2022

Original price $99.99 - Original price $275.99
Original price
$99.99 - $275.99
Current price $275.99

Nihilo Concepts precision ground, heat treated full floating front brake rotors are made from the best quality high carbon stainless steel available and provide unmatched stopping power. The full floating design allows the pads to fully clamp both sides of the rotor giving the rider precise feel and the full range of stopping ability. Nihilo is the only company in the industry to offer oversized full floating brake rotors for the full line of mini bikes from 50cc to super minis as well as most full size motocross bikes. The fastest riders in the world run Nihilo Concepts oversize full floating rotors isn’t it time you found out what you are missing?

For the complete Factory set up Nihilo can provide a new braded steel brake line routed in the standard more efficient way. The stock YZ85 comes stock with the brake line running down under the fork shoe witch is vulnerable to damage and gives it extra length that is not needed. Nihilo offers a new Brake line and replacement fork guards so the brake line will be routed down the front of the fork guard and then directly to the caliper without going under the fork shoe. You can even add billet aluminum banjo bolts and fork guard bolts to complete the look. Call for more details about this trick set up for the YZ85 (866-4-NIHILO)

  • Includes caliper relocation mounts to properly align caliper with rotor.
  • Rotor design enables exceptional cooling and stopping power.


  • 2002-2022 Yamaha YZ 85
  • Diameter: 259.5mm