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Nihilo Concepts Custom Honda Mini Truck

Nihilo Concepts Custom Honda Mini Truck

At Nihilo Concepts, we pride ourselves in being able to build anything, we love innovating and coming up with cool stuff. A couple of years ago we decided we needed an urban assault vehicle for Nihilo, something that would test our skills at fabrication and represent the soul of the company. We have always liked the looks of those Dakar chase trucks, you know the ones, all-terrain, can carry lots of stuff and go anywhere at high speed, so that was our inspiration.

The crew at Nihilo attends lots of MX events throughout the year, and we have been setting up at Loretta Lynn’s and Mini Os for almost 20 years. The idea was to build a vehicle that was four-wheel drive and could carry Nihilo parts and swag out into the pits and outlying areas at the races. Something that would catch the eye and imagination and just make you smile.

Mini Truck Nihilo Concepts

Let us know what you think, we have never seen one like it and it is all custom made, it sure was lots of fun to build, we hope you like it.

Keep an eye out for our Mini Dakar Chase Truck at the races, if you see us chances are we will be tossing out T-shirts, hats and other Nihilo swag so be ready!

Mini Truck Side Profile


  • Built on a 1982 Honda ACTY mini truck 4x4 chassis from Japan (right side drive)
  • 3” suspension lift
  • 5 Custom-built bead lock rims with oversized tires
  • Full custom roll cage and rack system designed to hold a spare tire and protect the cab
  • Roof hatch so swag can be tossed to the crowd while traversing the pits
  • 3 massive train horns
  • Tons of LED lights
  • Front custom bumper with winch
  • Rear custom bumper with Gerry can
  • Custom-built cargo box with full lift up doors
  • Rhino Lined inside Cargo box
  • Onboard air compressor
  • Upgraded sound system with exterior speakers and amplifier
  • Ladder access to roof rack
  • Custom paint and Nihilo badges
  • Custom upholstered seats
  • Oversize truck mirrors

Mini Truck Diagnol Nihilo

Nihilo Concepts Mini Truck


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swag - March 22, 2024

Gents, this is dope. that is all.

Antoine - February 28, 2024

Hi I’m interested to see if there’s a possibility to have more information about a purchase of a truck like this:) thank you

Jesse Holloran - May 3, 2023

So I am going to buy one of these little Acty Trucks and I was wondering if you are able to custom make the bed for it like you have on this little one in the picture? How much would you charge to make that custom bed?

Rene - March 13, 2023

have you done video documentation on this project?

Carlo - December 28, 2022

You should enter this into the Dakar Rally. It will catch a LOT of attention.

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