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Nihilo Concepts Customer Review Page

"Nihilo ALWAYS = Quality."

"I bought one of your 85sx deck/timing tools and absolutely love it. I never built a 2 stroke before in my life, and with that tool, I built an engine that hit on the second kick. It runs spectacularly. The last guy the rebuild it obviously didn't use it, as the deck height was short, that led to new crank bearings being flattened. To bad for the previous owner" 

-Via Email- Ernest V.

"KX Rear Brake tip. Super easy install and really like the brake tip!" 

-Via Email- Bruce B.

"This is a great product, and it is well made and easy to use! (Nihilo Front Fender Kit) Thank you so much for the box of merch you sent me! I will for sure be a customer for life! You guys do what you say you will do! And take customer service to a whole new level. Your company has set the standards! You all rock!" 

-Via Email- Shawn R.

"Dennis really liked the new seat cover. He rode well at Reddick this weekend and trust me when I say the other KTM 85 dudes in staging were jealous." 

-Via Email- Bruce B. 
"I would like to acknowledge the outstanding customer service at Nihilo Concepts. In any business minor issues arise, what sets companies apart is how they deal with them. I experienced a minor issue on my first order and Nihilo Concepts graciously made it right. You have won me as a customer for life with your outstanding customer service."



"The bike is sick already your stuff will be the icing on the cake!! You guys are great, Thanks you"

-Via Email- Corey Kiesel 

"Thanks for extraordinary service and fast shipping everything is in perfect condition and looks great"

- Leo Lütken

"Thanks Rob! I love the way you're helping young kids in Motocross. I've been involved in some type of two wheeled racing since 1973. If it weren"t for guys like you helping out the sport would have died a long time ago..." 

-Via Email-OldFart 193

"Thank you again for your prompt response to my inquiry and also honoring the promotional price i had found on your website.

"You had provided me with exceptional customer service!!"

-Via Email-Dana Schlegel


"We love the products you have I have a couple of them on our KTM 85 and 105 currently. We may get the pipe combo for the 105 before we move up to the 125 full time next year."

-Via Email- Mike Schaffter

"My new order has arrived in New Zealand, Thanks for your service and updates as it was my first time buying from overseas, your store got recommended to me by a friend at our local track in hawkesbay, alot better service and price even when it has to come halfway round the world." 

Thanks Grant.

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