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Nihilo Factory Frame Grip Tape is a must have for the serious rider. Not only does it stick to your frame like no other but its traction tape finish allows the rider to Grip the sides of the bike in perfect riding form. Don’t settle for cheap imitations, run what the pros run, Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape!

Nihilo Concepts Lever Grips are a must-have for serious racers. These light-weight east to install lever grips prevent the rider from losing their grip or slipping during riding.


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WP WMR Air cone forks, WP WMR trax shock, Tallon Ulta light hubs custom red, Carbon tank, Carbon subframe, Brembo calipers  billet front and rear, Ti Nihilo pegs

The Kawasaki KX 65 has been around a long time and is the most affordable 65 out there, My sons had their fair share of the older KX60’s and a lot of the parts are still the same to this day. 
The new Yamaha YZ65 is a real contender in the 65 class, after many years seeing KTM's dominate the class, it's good to have a little new blood on the scene. Nihilo Concepts picked up one of the first YZ 65's on the market and went to work making some much needed improvements.
  • WP  WMR valved cone valve SM forks these have the radial mt for the brake
  • WP WMR valved trax shock 
  • Nikon sfs triple clamps  (air damping system built in)
  • Sm sprocket gearing
  • Brembo factory billet calipers front and r
At Nihilo Concepts, we pride ourselves in being able to build anything, we love innovating and coming up with cool stuff. A couple of years ago we decided we needed an urban assault vehicle for Nihilo, something that would test our skills at fabrication and represent the soul of the company. We have always liked the looks of those Dakar chase trucks...
Nihilo Concepts set out to develop a replacement pin system that we recommend you install when your original pins show signs of wear. 
Over the last decade, KTM has become the number one brand of motocross bike in the world. Today at amateur and professional races around the globe, the gates are full of KTM’s from 50 Mini’s to full size 450’s and they are winning everything in sight.
Nihilo Concepts Lever Grip is a rubberized grippy material that shrinks to fit tightly over your levers when heat is applied. It can be easily cut to the desired length with household scissors  then simply slides over the lever. 
The Nihilo Concepts Carbon Fiber Skid (Glide Plate) is hand-made and one of a kind made from 100% resin infused Carbon Fiber to be strong and light. Nihilo Glide plates are molded to the actual frame tubing so they fit perfectly. 
Nihilo Concepts has partnered with The Whiskey Throttle Show hosted by David Pingree and Grant Langston, The show is filmed in front of a live studio audience at the Troy Lee designs Saloon in Corona Ca. and can be seen on You Tube or listened to via podcast.