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KTM / Husqvarna / GASGAS 65 Heavy Duty Power Valve Blade 2009-2024

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The KTM 65 is an awesome machine and the leader in its class throughout the world but just like any bike there are always a few things that can be changed to make it even better. One issue that Nihilo has found with some KTM 65’s is the power valve. The stock part has been known to break at the connection between the stem and paddle leaving the rider stranded with very low power at the mid to top range. Nihilo’s engineers took a hard look at the problem and came up with a solution that will eliminate the power valve issue once and for all. Some of you may be familiar with Nihilo’s KTM 50 Clutch bolt system developed for the 2009-2017 KTM 50’s. Nihilo engineers came up with a stud and nut system as a way to stop the stock bolts from breaking off and as many of you know it worked perfectly. With the new Nihilo Concepts KTM 65 Power Valve the same technology is used eliminating the aluminum treaded portion of the paddle and providing a hardened steel stud to attach the shaft to the paddle. This system eliminates any chance of breakage at the connection. Care was taken to keep the weight the same as stock so the power valve system will operate with the stock spring and clam shell. Because the new power valve is made from the same type of material and the external design is the same as the stock part. Don’t take the chance of your power valve breaking in the middle of an important moto order the new Nihilo Concepts KTM 65 Power valve today.

  • High quality stainless steel is stronger than stock
  • Hardened stud design eliminates breakage at stress point
  • Hard anodized coating on paddle ensures long life and less friction


  • 2009-2024 KTM 65 SX / Husqvarna TC 65 / 2021 - 2024 GASGAS MC 65