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KTM / HUSQVARNA 85 220mm 4 Hole THICK REAR BRAKE ROTOR 2021 - 2024

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The new Nihilo Concepts 220mm Thick rear rotor is designed with 4 mounting holes to work on your new bike when using 2018-2020 rear wheels and hub. The new 2021 bikes comes with an entirely different rear wheel set up, a different 6 bolt hub and different diameter rotor. The engineers at Nihilo realize that many of you have both 2018-2020 and 2021-2024 bikes in your fleet and would like the ability to use your perfectly good wheels from your 2018-2020 bikes on your new 2021 - 2024. It’s nice to have a wheel set up with a different tire choice or different gearing so you can swap them out fast at the track. Now you can set up your older style wheels with this new 220mm, 4 hole super thick rear brake rotor and be ready to go.

Nihilo Concepts, we know what you need because we Race too!

To be used with 2020 and older 4 hole hubs when installing on 2021 - 2024 bikes