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Lever Grip

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Nihilo Concepts the originator of “Factory Frame Grip Tape” now offers a new product that provides the perfect grip to your levers. Nihilo Lever Grip is a rubberized shrink material with traction strips built in so when applied gives you confidence and  just the right amount of grip to your brake and clutch levers. This proprietary material is thin and very strong so you won’t even notice it’s there but you will get a much better feel on your levers even in wet, muddy and cold conditions. Lever Grip only adds about the thickness of a few human hairs and forms to a perfect fit when heated. The kit comes with two textured shrink tubes, one for the front brake and one for the clutch lever. They start out at about ¾” so they will fit over almost every lever on the market but they will shrink down to tighten up against the lever and provide unbelievable gripping surface without adding thickness.


Try some Lever Grip today and see what it feels like to have perfect grip on your levers.