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Cobra CX 65 Billet Clutch Cover 2016-2024

Original price $164.99 - Original price $204.99
Original price
$164.99 - $204.99
Current price $164.99
Color: Red

*Must add custom engraving details in the notes section in the cart. (Click here to view your cart)

**Must be used with Nihilo Concepts Slave Cylinder

Nihilo Concepts has partnered with Cobra Moto to develop a new billet clutch cover and slave cylinder for the Cobra 65. The 65 comes equipped with a hydraulic system that activates the clutch. Hydraulic systems can develop extreme pressures that can flex the stock cover and take some of the feel out of the clutch. The stock cover has a molded in slave cylinder that can lose pressure when hot. We set out to design a cover that was light and strong while at the same time would eliminate any flex making clutch activation and feel more consistent. By incorporating a trussed bracing system inside the cover we were able to improve strength and eliminate any flex while at the same time increasing oil capacity and improving oil temps and lubrication. We set our clutch cover up to accept our new Nihilo Slave cylinder or the Magura Slave cylinder and it works with your stock master cylinder and hydraulic line. This type of system has been used on the KTM 65’s since 2009 and we have had excellent results with it. After intense testing we have found that it works perfect on the Cobra 65 as well. Can be engraved with number only.


  • 2016-2024 Cobra CX 65
  • Actual anodized color may vary from image