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KTM Front Fender Kit XC Models 2009-2012

Original price $77.99 - Original price $287.99
Original price
$77.99 - $287.99
Current price $77.99

Turn your 2009 – 2012 KTM front end into a 2014! The new full size 2014 KTMs come with completely redesigned plastics for 2014. The shrouds, air box sides, front fender and number plate have an all new look. The shrouds and air box sides bolt right onto the 2012's but the front fender requires an adapter. Nihilo Concepts has solved the problem buy developing a front fender adapter kit that will have your friends thinking you won the lottery and got a new bike. The kit includes three pieces, the top part of the fender mounting bracket bolts to your 2009-2012 bottom triple clamp providing the new front holes to receive the 2014 fender, then a plate with all the right holes and hardware bolts to the bottom of your clamp. The two pieces fit together perfectly so the installation is easy. The third piece of the kit is a small front number plate spacer that aligns your new front number plate. Once these components have been installed on your bottom clamp the new 2014 fender bolts right on. The kit comes with all hardware required and is almost invisible when installed.To mount new fender you will need to cut down the two front fender bolts to 16mm or you can purchase new 2014 fender bolts from us. You can get all your 2014 plastics from Nihilo as well, just call for more details on plastics and graphics. Be the first at the track to have the new 2014 front fender and number plate on your 2009-2012 KTM.

Number Plate/Fender Kit Includes: 

  • Fender (7770801000004)
  • Number Plate(7770800704428)
  • Fender Mounting Bolts(0025060166) QTY 4

Headlight/Fender Kit Includes: 

  • Headlight Plastic (7810800100028)
  • Light System (78114001000)
  • Plastic Rubber Mounts (78108003000) QTY 2
  • Mount bolts (0081050181) QTY 2
  • Cable Guide Screw (0017060303)
  • Washer (0125060003)
  • Fender Bolts (0025060166) QTY 4
  • Fender (7770801000004)


  • 2009-2012 KTM XC/EXC/W Models