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Kawasaki KX 85 Case saver 2003-2022

Original price $34.99 - Original price $34.99
Original price
$34.99 - $34.99
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Color: Blue

The Nihilo Concepts Kawasaki KX 85/100 Billet aluminum case saver replaces the weak stock plastic case saver in combination with the Nihilo Concepts KX 85 Ignition Cover. Don't let your cases get broken when your chain breaks causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. The Nihilo Case Saver is constructed from 6061 Billet Aluminum for strength and durability and fits tight against the chain and sprocket not allowing rocks and debris to get caught between causing damage and a locked up drive system. The Nihilo Concepts KX Case Saver can only be mounted with the Nihilo Concepts Billet Ignition Cover.


  • 2003-2022 Kawasaki KX 85/100 with Nihilo Ignition Cover
  • Actual anodized color may vary from image