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KTM 50 SX Dellorto PHBG Jet Assortment

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Tuning your motorcycles carburetor can be a little tricky, some jets are hard to find and if you’re at the track and don’t have the right size you’re out of luck.

Nihilo Concepts solves this problem by offering assorted jets in all the hard to find sizes. All our jets are OEM and top quality.

We started with the most popular carburetors used on the KTM, Kawasaki, and Yamaha Mini Bikes.

Each bag contains a great assortment of main and pilot jets in odd or even numbers this will allow you to have every size imaginable at your finger tips.

Below are the contents of each Jet Assotment Kit:
  • NJDS-A: 88, 90, 92 main 45, 48 pilot
  • NJDS-B: 89, 91, 93 main 50, 52 pilot
  • NJDS-C: 94, 96, 98 main 55, 58 pilot
  • NJDS-D: 95, 97, 99 main 60, 62 pilot