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KTM/Husqvarna 50 Chain Guide Reinforcement Wedge Bracket 2016-2019

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Color: Blue

For 2016 the KTM 50 comes with a newly designed rear chain guide. The new part is a big improvement over past years but the fact that the guide hangs down from a welded bracket can lead to it becoming bent in a crash or by rough track conditions. If the chain guide is allowed to bend it could derail the chain or lock up the rear wheel

The engineers at Nihilo have worked with the KTM 50 Chain Guide for many years and were the original developers of the very popular Chain Guide Skeg that has been Included on the KTM SXS 50’s since their introduction in 2010

Our newest solution to the chain guides vulnerability is what we call the WEDGE. We have engineered a wedge shaped billet aluminum protector that strengthens the welded on tabs and eliminates the possibility of bending. The wedge is designed with a tab that fits tightly to the bottom of the frame the rest of the wedge is cut to fit tight to the side of the swing arm. When the bolts are reinstalled it is virtually impossible to bend the mounting tabs because the force of the bolts is acting against the tab to keep everything secure and tight.

Don’t take a chance of a derailment or locked up rear wheel get your WEDGE today.


  • 2016-2019 KTM / Husqvarna 50 
  • Actual anodized color may vary from image