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KTM/Husqvarna 85 Rear Brake Big Bike Carrier Adapter 2009-2020

Original price $164.99 - Original price $784.99
Original price
$164.99 - $784.99
Current price $164.99

Improving the stopping power of your 2012-2020 KTM /Husqvarna 85 with the Nihilo Concepts Rear Brake Carrier. This new carrier allows you to mount a full size big bike KTM rear caliper! The braking power is amazing!

The Brembo Rear Brake System and Nihilo Concepts Carrier will not fit the 2015 KTM 85 SXS or 2016-2017 Freeride unless you replace the stock rotor (KTM PN: 70010060000) with a Nihilo Concepts Rear Rotor (NRBR85) or a stock KTM Rear Rotor (KTM PN: 47010060500).

To order the full OEM Big Bike Rear brake system along with your Nihilo Concepts Rear Brake Carrier, just select "Yes" from the drop down option before adding the item to your cart and a Nihilo representative will contact you.

The Full Big Bike Rear Brake system includes the following for an additional $620.00:

  • Rear Brake Cylinder (77013060044)
  • Nihilo Concepts Banjo (NWBBEU10)
  • Rear Brake Hose (77213070300)
  • Rear Brake Caliper (77713080001)
  • Bleeder Screw (62513020000)
  • Copper Washers (0603100141) QTY 4
  • Rear Brake Pad Set (54813090300)


  • 2012-2020 KTM 85/105  
  • 2017-2020 KTM 85 
  • 2014-2020 KTM Free Ride 
  • 2014-2020 Husqvarna TC85 
  • Will only fit the 2016 if you use Nihilo rotor (NRBR85) or the stock 2016 rotor.
  • KTM / Husqvarna 2018-2020 rear master cylinder needs modification for fitment.