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KTM / HUSQVARNA / GASGAS 50 Heavy Duty Clutch Pins Short 2014-2025

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In 2013 KTM came out with a new improved clutch for the KTM 50’s while it is a very good system the engineers at Nihilo found a few things that needed improvement. On the inside of the clutch assembly there are 6 pins that the clutch plates slide on, the stock pins can become notched just like a clutch basket. This will cause the plates to bind and adversely affect clutch performance. Nihilo machines new pins to exacting tolerances and then coats them with a special Nickel Boron hard coating that has one of the hardest ratings on the Rockwell scale. This coating not only provides extreme hardness but improves lubricity which allows the plates to slide with less friction. Next time you’re inspecting you clutch replace your worn out pins with Nihilo’s new hardened pins.


  • 2014-2025 KTM / HUSQVARNA 50 
  • 2021-2025 GASGAS MC 50