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KTM Mini Oil Injection Block Off Kit 2003-2024

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The KTM 50 Mini is equipped with an automatic oil injection system, many racers prefer to mix their own gas and oil so Nihilo Concepts has developed a simple kit that makes it easy.

The kit consists of a block off plug that replaces the exterior-mounted pump located on the Ignition cover, and two rubber caps to seal off the oil line into the carburetor and bottom of the oil tank. You simply unscrew the pump, and install the block off plate reusing the OEM “O” ring. Then you slide the smaller of the two rubber caps onto the carburetor and the larger one onto the bottom of the oil tank.

You can chose to remove the oil tank from the motorcycle which is recommended but if you want the ability to change back and forth you can leave the tank installed and just block off the oil line to keep the dirt out.

The entire process will take about 10 minutes and is easy to reverse if desired.

Like everything Nihilo makes, this kit is of the highest quality available in the industry, and will fit perfectly.

Fitment: 2003 - 2024