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Nihilo Concepts Fuel Pressure Tester

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The Nihilo Fuel Pressure Tester is a very important diagnostic tool that up until now, has only been available to professional technicians. In today's world of fuel injection and in-tank fuel pumps, having a fuel pressure gauge and tester is the best way to diagnose mechanical issues. The first thing to test when diagnosing poor running conditions is the fuel delivery. Is there enough Fuel flowing, and at what pressure? The Nihilo Fuel Pressure Tester makes easy work of this process by using OEM quick connectors, simply disconnect the fuel line and insert the tester in line, you will immediately be able to determine if fuel pressure is adequate or if there is an issue. Modern Fuel Injected motorcycles are known for fuel pump issues, and without this tool you could waste hours trying to figure out what is wrong with your bike. Nihilo Concepts is famous for making hard-to-find tools easy to use and available to everyone. Make sure there is one in your toolbox the next time you are trying to figure out why your bike is not performing at its best.

See Full Fitment List Here

 Fitment   All KTM EFI units 2 and 4 stroke

 All Husky 2014-current EFI units   2 and 4 stroke

 All GAS GAS 2020 - current EFI units 2-four stroke