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Nihilo Concepts Fuel Transfer Kit

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The Nihilo Concepts Fuel Transfer Kit provides everything you need to completely drain your fuel system when changing fuel types or just wanting to empty all fuel for storage. Modern Fuel pump systems can hold quite a bit of fuel that cannot be drained by hand and require a mechanical system to remove all fuel in the system. When Re-mapping your bike, there will always be a specific fuel type needed, and you want to start fresh with the new fuel and not allow it to be mixed with the leftover fuel in the system. The Nihilo Fuel Transfer Kit will make this an easy task. The kit is also small and compact and can transfer fuel from one bike to another on the trail or in emergencies. Gone are the days of simply pulling off the fuel line and letting the fuel run out. Fuel pump systems must be activated with the Fuel Transfer Kit to remove or drain fuel.

This is a very useful and helpful kit for anyone with a modern fuel pump style motorcycle. Once you have it, you won’t know how you got along without it.

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