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Yamaha YZF 250 / 450 Carbon Fiber Intake Air Scoop

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Fitment Yamaha YZF 250 19-22 / YZF450 18-22

***Due to the popular demand this product is currently back-ordered for 4-6 weeks.

The new Yamaha YZF 250's and 450's are very innovative with their reversed
motor design but they are known for having air intake problems, the motor
just cannot get enough air because of the forward location of the air box.
Air is restricted entering the air box by way of small inlets on the inside
of the radiator shrouds. This system works well most of the time but falls
short as RPM's and speed increase. A faster more aggressive rider will push
the bike beyond the intakes limitations. The rider may never realize how
much more they could be getting out of their motor if they had the proper
amount of air being injected.

Nihilo Concepts is the industry leader when it comes to innovative designs
and solutions when the factory hardware falls short. While working with
professional Yamaha teams in the US and Canada it became obvious that
getting enough air into the air box was an issue that needed to be addressed
so the engineers at Nihilo set out to create the YZF Intake Air Scoop for
the new  250/450.

By utilizing the same mounting system that comes stock on the bikes and by
adding to it a light weight high strength carbon Fiber hood scoop, Nihilo
was able to direct more than enough air directly into the intake system
which resulted in more power across the board but especially at high speeds.

The low profile design is not even noticeable when riding and the fit and
finish are perfect.

See for yourself how adding the new Nihilo Concepts  YZF Intake Air Scoop
can get you the most out of your machine.

*All carbon fiber is handcrafted to order and Made in the USA. Please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment.

Thanks for supporting American-made products