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Nihilo Concepts partners with The Whiskey Throttle Show

Nihilo Concepts partners with The Whiskey Throttle Show

Nihilo Concepts has partnered with The Whiskey Throttle Show hosted by David Pingree and Grant Langston, The show is filmed in front of a live studio audience at the Troy Lee designs Saloon in Corona Ca. and can be seen on You Tube or listened to via podcast. The show is always captivating as Ping and GL dig deep into the lives of their guests, starting from their humble beginnings and getting them to open up about their lives in and around the Motorcycle industry. Every show will have you glued to your head phones as the guests open up about their adventures both good and bad as they share stories and insights that you have never heard before, the listener will gain a new perspective and respect for these iconic characters of our sport. The guest list is always impressive and conversation always entertaining, you will find yourself waiting with great anticipation for the next show.

Nihilo Concepts is honored to be able to partner with such an awesome group of people to create the best moto content available today.

Check out The Whiskey Throttle Show on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes or Stitcher.

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