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Nihilo Factory Frame Grip Tape is a must have for the serious rider. Not only does it stick to your frame like no other but its traction tape finish allows the rider to Grip the sides of the bike in perfect riding form. Don’t settle for cheap imitations, run what the pros run, Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape!

Nihilo Concepts Lever Grips are a must-have for serious racers. These light-weight east to install lever grips prevent the rider from losing their grip or slipping during riding.


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KTM / Husqvarna / GASGAS 50/65 High Pressure 2.2 Bar Radiator Cap 2009-2022

The Nihilo Concepts High Pressure 2.2 Bar Radiator cap for the KTM, Husqvarna, and GASGAS 50 & 65’s is a must have item to keep your bike running cool. The stock cap is rated at 1.8 Bar and the new Nihilo cap is 2.2 Bar which means the Nihilo cap is about 20% more resistant to overheating than the stock cap. The new Nihilo 2.2 cap will give you that little extra time needed to finish the race without spitting all your coolant out on the ground. We all know that most of the time it is one or two sections of the track that will initiate overheating, those areas that abuse the clutch or slow the bike down so it loses air flow and as soon as you clear those areas and get air to flow over the radiators again temps will come back down. The problem is with the stock cap during those trying sections of the track you will lose coolant and then you won’t have enough left to properly cool the bike. The new Nihilo 2.2 cap will keep that coolant in the radiator at higher temps and allow you to maintain coolant levels throughout the race. Don’t be concerned if it gets too hot it will boil over letting you know there is an issue but that 20% increase is just enough to make the difference. Most factory race teams run a higher pressure cap just for the reasons I have outlined above.

If you are running a KTM or Husqvarna 50/65 and have struggled with overheating, try the new Nihilo 2.2 Bar High Pressure Radiator cap, It fits just like the OEM cap and requires no modifications. It even comes with 12” of Flo yellow overflow hose for that factory look.


  • 2009 - 2022 KTM/Husqvarna 50 / 65
  • 2021 - 2022 GASGAS MC 50 / 65