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Tach/Hour Meter With Wire

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Surface Mounted Inductive Meters provide what today's power-sports user need and expect from hour meters and hour tach meters. Hour/Tach meters have become the most cost effective method of performing service. Knowing what to service and when, is the key to a successful preventative maintenance program for your motorcycle, displays can be read at all times. The hour meter shows total hours accumulated. The hour/tach meter shows RPM's when the engine is running. When the engine is off the meter shows total hours accumulated. There is no clicking like mechanical meters. Installation is easy with simple patented one wire hook-up. Solid state electronics, modern LCD, superb environmental durability and enhanced functionality offer today's leading OEM's the best of all possibilities without sacrifice to performance, operation, or budget. Encapsulated epoxy case is water resistant.

Easy Installation no power or ground required. Works on any gas engine up to 2 cylinders and 16,000 rpm. Can be used with Fuel Injection engines. Maximum RPMs 16,000 Number of "Starts" recorded. Pick-up wire length can be trimmed. Track the Service Life of Your Vehicle - oil changes, valve, adjustments, spark plugs, etc... Easy Installation - peel & stick, no wiring necessary just plug and play! Operates with new generation 2 or 4 stroke "pen stick" coils. No Power Required - Includes 10 year battery sealed inside. Works Any Gas engine Includes Log Book Records and Displays to 9,999.9 hours Hour glass symbol appears and flashes on/off to indicate counting time. Automatic Roll over Resolution 0.1 hour 100% epoxy encapsulated casing resists water Warranty one year. IP 68 Rating. Unit measures 2 1/8" length x 1 1/2" wide x 5/8" high. Engineered and Assembled in the USA CE Certified


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