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Yamaha 7/8" Bar Mounts YZ 65 2018-2024 / YZ 85 2019-2024

Original price $69.99 - Original price $69.99
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$69.99 - $69.99
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The Nihilo 7/8" Bar mounts for the 2018 - 2024 YZ 65 are designed to allow you to mount 7/8" diameter handle bars to your new YZ 65. Many riders don't like the bend or feel of a fat bar and like the look and feel of the cross bar and pad when they ride. With our 7/8" bar risers you can run the smaller bars that you have become accustom to. These mounts are adjustable so you can run them forward, backward or lower than stock, You can even purchase an extra set of 10mm risers (see drop down) to bring your bars up 10mm higher. The solid Billet aluminum design is stronger and more rigid than the stock set up giving the rider better feel and comfort.


  • 2018 - 2024 YZ 65 
  • 2021 - 2024 YZ 85