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All New Lever Grip

All New Lever Grip

Stuart Fl. July 2nd 2019- Nihilo Concepts, the world’s leading provider of Motorcycle Frame Grip Tape has developed a new product designed to help you get a better Grip on your clutch and brake levers. Nihilo Concepts Lever Grip is a rubberized grippy material that shrinks to fit tightly over your levers when heat is applied. It can be easily cut to the desired length with household scissors  then simply slides over the lever. When heat is applied with a heat gun or torch, the Lever Grip shrinks down to create a tight fit that will fit the contour to the lever perfectly. The rubber material is only a few thousandths of an inch thick so you can hardly tell it’s there but you will know it’s there when you feel the comfortable  extra grippy surface that it provides. Lever Grip gives you  just the perfect amount of grip and feel on the levers  in wet or muddy conditions, try some today at

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Ralph Technow - July 15, 2019

my levers are silver, do you have gray or silver grips?

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