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Wash Your Motorcycle With Ceven 16

Wash Your Motorcycle With Ceven 16

If you own a motorcycle, you have probably enjoyed working on it in your garage. It's funny the amount of time we spend polishing and modifying our bikes is as much fun a riding them. The crew at Nihilo Concepts understands this completely, and we live to build cool motorcycles and develop parts that will improve the already awesome machines. (See it here!)

Tools are not always just wrenches and screwdrivers. Sometimes a product that helps clean your bike and parts is just as important as the socket set or T wrench.

Clean Your Tools with Ceven 16

At Nihilo Concepts, we make many parts that require a chemical that cleans and leaves the surface free from oil and dirt. This is particularly important for Grip Tape and Graphics so they will stick to the frame and plastics without peeling off or make sure your stator is clean and dry and your brakes and carburetor are cleaned for optimal performance. 

Every shade tree mechanic or professional tech needs the right kind of advanced cleaning formula that is safe and effective on their entire bike, and Ceven 16 is just that product. It's a proprietary blend of new advanced chemicals that are formulated specifically for your motorcycle. Until now, these kinds of chemicals were only available at professional auto parts suppliers, and some of those products could damage your delicate motorcycle parts. These old school products also were awful for the environment and your lungs. Ceven16 contains Heptane a strong but safe chemical with the chemical label of C7H16. This rapid evaporating and oil-free chemical blended with just the right amount of Ethanol provides a chlorine-free product that forms an Ionic grease buster that will not leave a residue on your parts. Many brake cleaners on the market that do similar things to Ceven16 also contain oils and chemicals that will leave a film on your parts. This will cause graphics and stickers not to adhere properly and eventually peel off. Your chemical cleaner must be free from these chemicals if you want them to perform properly.

Nihilo Specializes in Motorcycle parts, everything we make is designed to work on your dirt bike. We know how harsh chemicals can affect plastic bodywork; we have seen "O" rings and gaskets swell up and distort when the wrong product is applied to them, and we also know how much strength a product needs to get your parts clean.

Apply Grip Tape and Graphics with Ceven 16

Over the years, we experimented with many different formulas and finally came up with Ceven 16, the end result of many years of hands-on experience both wrenching on and racing motorcycles at the highest levels. We are so confident that you will feel the same way about Ceven 16 that we are giving you your first can free when you spend a minimum of $75.00 on other Nihilo Parts. Use that first can when installing graphics, Grip Tape, cleaning engine parts, tools, and so much more, and we know you will be back for more. We are confident that Ceven 16 will become your #1 toolbox must have.

Ceven 16 Cans

 Ceven 16 with Nihilo Motor Stand

Ceven 16 is perfect for cleaning motor components

Apply Graphics on your dirt bike with Ceven 16

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